Posted on February 13, 2014

LaserFab Technologies Streamlines Its Systems

When cash transactions weren’t meshing with his payroll provider’s journal entries, David McClure knew he had a problem. And that problem escalated quickly when his boss gave him one week to find a new payroll provider.

Enter Paycor, which stepped in to work with McClure, controller at LaserFab Technologies in Sidney, Ohio, and got a new payroll system up and running just in time.

“We threaded a needle,” McClure says. “I was very impressed with the initial setup under challenging circumstances and with the follow-up after the setup.”

When Paycor’s team helped LaserFab with issues related to its QuickBooks import, McClure says, “I was clapping at that point!”

“I was given the technical support that I needed. I would recommend it to friends and compatriots, and I have,” he says.

LaserFab uses not only Paycor’s payroll solutions but also its HR Support Center, general ledger and workers’ compensation services. With Paycor, this precision metal fabrication company has been able to bring multiple disconnected systems onto a single platform, ensuring compliance, improving efficiency and creating time for LaserFab’s leadership to focus on big-picture business strategy.

“In a lot of places like ours, there’s one individual doing payroll, and they’re guarding their goalie net--I’ve been that person,” McClure says. “There are a lot more valuable things to do than mucking with payroll when there are people out there who can do it for less money than your value to the company.”

McClure says he knows many small to mid-sized organizations worry about cash flow, but he assures other business leaders that such concerns pale in comparison to staying compliant with taxes and legislation and being free to devote time to meaningful strategic work.

“Cash flow doesn’t amount to much. Do the math and you’ll see your cash flow isn’t going to be impinged by your involvement with Paycor,” McClure says. “Inside a small company, it’s not a good use of time to be spending it crunching numbers.”

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