New Feature in Applicant Tracking: Introducing Echo

Paycor’s Applicant Tracking system was recently updated with a new feature, called Echo. This first-of-its-kind feature allows hiring managers and executives to keep their recruiting system up-to-date just by responding to email. They can change the status of candidates, capture interview feedback and approve jobs and offers without needing to sign into the system.

For example, a hiring manager emails an executive that needs to approve a job offer. Without even signing into Applicant Tracking, the executive can approve that job simply by typing “#approve” in the email message and hitting Reply. Then the system will move onto the next person in the chain that needs to approve the hire. By streamlining simple tasks using email commands, Echo keeps the hiring process moving smoothly.

With half of businesses having trouble filling critical positions, the speed and efficiency of the hiring process is becoming more and more important. Find out how Paycor’s applicant tracking system can help your organization attract, recruit and hire top talent, or contact us to learn more.