New Paycor product expands time-tracking options

Paycor has announced the release of ReadyClock, a web-based time and attendance solution that is affordable and simple to use. Employees can record their time either through a clock terminal or online from a PC. Managers can quickly review and administer employee time cards, editing missed punches and ensuring accuracy.

Designed to help companies reap the benefits of a automated time system, ReadyClock requires no software installation and can be set up in about 30 minutes. ReadyClock interfaces with both Paycor Internet Entry and Paycor for Windows, eliminating re-keying and ensuring accuracy.

ReadyClock Key Features:
* Access ReadyClock securely and reliably from anywhere any time.
* Tracks the previous day's exceptions on the Current Daily Report.
* View standard reports that are comprehensive and easy-to-read.
* Apply simple overtime, rounding, lunch and holiday rules.
* Allocate time to different departments.
* Collect and manage time across multiple locations with one solutions.

More information is available here or through your local Paycor representative.