Posted on November 15, 2012

The Paycor team has been gearing up for today’s product update release over the past few weeks, and we’re excited to deliver a number of new features that our clients have been asking for. With each update, our products become more robust in their functionality and more responsive to client needs.

Product Manager Cory Ondo pointed out that we couldn’t have implemented today’s updates without feedback from our clients. “We are continuing to leverage our clients and their ideas to build great software that solves real business problems,” he said. James Schroth, Director of Product Development, added, “This update helps us in bringing Perform further up-market and making it that killer application we want it to be. I’m excited to continue this momentum into the next year.”

Here are just a few of new features and functionality coming out this month.

Custom Web Reporting

Star your favorite reports: Mark your favorite or most-used reports so you can find them more easily.

Learn more about Custom Web Reporting.

HR Management

Co-dependent benefit plans: Set up prerequisites before your employees select their benefit enrollments. For example, employees will not be able to enroll in an HSA without enrolling in the High Deductible Plan.

Learn more about Paycor’s HR application.


More security settings: Set additional access levels based on how much you want your company’s Perform users to see with expanded and customizable security settings.

More paygrid customization: New row settings and deduction settings give you even more flexibility.

Easier compliance: Employer healthcare and blended overtime setups are now easier than ever.

Learn more about Perform.

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