CINCINNATI – Nov. 15, 2016 (PRWEB) – Human Capital Management company, Paycor, today announced full 403(b) integration capability on its Perform platform through preferred retirement platforms.

Nonprofit organizations face more challenges today than ever. Limited budgets combined with new implications of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) overtime rule changes are making it increasingly difficult for nonprofits to stay competitive in the war for talent. Navigating this new landscape requires nonprofits to find ways to retain top employees, while reducing financial liabilities, making incentives like 403(b) increasingly critical.

With the addition of the 403(b) integration capability, nonprofit plan sponsors who maintain a 403(b) with one of Paycor’s preferred 360 degree Integration Partners can now benefit from ensured compliance and efficiency.

Once 360° Integration is established at implementation, no 403(b) data ever touches human hands or has to be manually keyed in again by a plan administrator. This automated process reduces the chance for human error and ensures employee changes are updated regularly in compliance with regulations.

Supporting Quotes
“Paycor puts great focus on serving organizations that serve others,” said Stacey Browning, President. “We want to help our non-profit clients achieve their mission by managing compliance and administrative operations so they can focus on achieving their goals. The 403(b) integration is another tool to help make work easier and more efficient for non-profit managers.”

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