Paycor Featured in LEAD Magazine

Paycor was recently featured in LEAD Magazine, a publication that spotlights innovative companies. In the article, Stacey Browning, Paycor Chief Product Officer, discusses how our software has responded to trends in the marketplace, evolving to look and feel more like a consumer application than enterprise software. The article also talks about Paycor’s work culture and community involvement. Check out the excerpt below.

Fearless in the Face of Change

Katie Southerland, LEAD Magazine

Paycor, a leading provider of human resources and payroll solutions that serves more than 23,000 companies across America, is in the midst of an exciting transformation. No longer focused exclusively on payroll services, Paycor now provides a unified, cloud-based, easy-to-use application for all HR, payroll, and timekeeping solutions. The company attributes this evolution to a deep understanding of changing trends in business and to listening to feedback from clients.

“We’re in the center of an industry whose success relies on staying current with changes in business…companies are taking a more strategic approach to employee management, and Paycor is responding to that,” says Stacey Browning, Chief Product Officer.

Since CEO Bob Coughlin founded Paycor in 1990 with 2 employees, they have worked to maintain open communication with their customers, which has led them to grow into 21 different offices with 630 employees, 425 of those in Cincinnati. But throughout their growth, they kept their commitment to the customer, which is how the software, Perform, was created.

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Photo by: Amy Deaton