Posted on November 27, 2012

The release of our new flagship employee administration platform, Perform, has generated a lot of excitement among Paycor clients and associates. Chief Information Officer Vinay Mehta is no exception: he was excited to share his perspective in the interview below. Check out what he had to say about Paycor’s agile methodology for product development, how client feedback is used, the upgrade of thousands of current clients to Perform and our commitment to technology.

Tell us more about Paycor’s agile methodology.

“Paycor’s agile methodology starts with our clients. They are our designers, and their thoughts and input really drive the enhancements that we do. We’ve changed our development philosophy so we can build product updates in a matter of weeks, which allows us to go from idea to feature very quickly. For example, we’ve delivered over 70 enhancements in the last two quarters. This is way above what the typical software company does. We believe it is part of our value proposition to our clients to take their feedback and deliver it back to them quickly and decisively.”

How does Paycor gather client feedback and how do they use it?

“We value our clients’ feedback tremendously at Paycor. There are three ways we gather their feedback: the first is within the product. As clients are interacting with our applications, they have the ability on-screen to provide us with feedback and information. The second is that we bring them in house and have them evaluate screenshots and give us usability feedback. The third is through their interaction with our specialists. As clients see business processes change or unique circumstances come up, we incorporate those into our future enhancements.”

What do you think of the upgrade to Perform?

“The upgrade to Perform has been phenomenal. The fact that we’ve taken over half our customers and moved them to the new platform inside of three months is unbelievable—it’s unheard of in the industry. I’ve been very proud of the accomplishments of the entire Paycor team. The most important part is, clients are loving it!”

How is Paycor keeping up with new technologies?

“Paycor has made a tremendous commitment to product development. We’ve increased our staff by 50%, we’ve brought in a new mobile platform to enhance our solution and we are driving towards new usability enhancements. As the CIO at Paycor, I’m watching technology trends. It is imperative for us as a company to make sure that we are addressing the social and mobile trends of how people manage people. What we bring to the table is a world-class reporting capability, payroll expertise, human resource management and business intelligence. Perform is a comprehensive, all-encompassing IT solution that allows companies to manage their people better.”

Watch a video to learn more about Perform’s industry-leading employee administration capabilities.