Posted on December 4, 2012

Paycor Leaders Talk Perform: CPO Stacey Browning

At Paycor, we’re enthusiastic about Perform because it’s a truly intuitive software solution that helps companies manage their people better. Chief Product Officer Stacey Browning, who was deeply involved in Perform’s design and development, is a great example of that enthusiasm. See what she has to say about Perform’s design and capabilities, the importance of client feedback and Paycor’s intense focus on product development.

How has design been important in the development of Perform?

“At Paycor, we understand that design matters. That’s why Perform is designed with usability in mind—there are easy-to-use toolbars, every screen is intuitive, clients always know what to do next…it functions a lot more like a consumer application than complex internal software. Overall, it’s a beautiful application and there is nothing like it out in the market today.”

Tell us about how Paycor factors client feedback into its products.

“We listen to our clients better than anyone else in the industry. We ask for client feedback every time someone uses our software. Clients are encouraged to submit and vote for ideas they want to see incorporated into our applications—in fact, 65% of the features we’ve released in the past year have come from client input. We also invite clients into our offices every month to ask them what they think about the new functionality we’re developing. We can then bake in their feedback and deliver an even better product. Through Perform, we’re actually helping clients be innovators. We’re giving them regular ongoing updates with features they’ve helped us build.”

The marketplace is asking for more than just the traditional payroll offering. Could you tell us more about that?

“We’re moving beyond merely offering payroll. We’re helping organizations manage their people better through the technology we create. Perform has broad appeal, and really delivers a lot of value to clients over everything else on the market. It has a lot of features that help companies increase their employee engagement. For example, employees can access information themselves, even from their mobile devices. In addition, we have a feature called Custom Web Reporting that gives employers the ability to create custom reports that can be scheduled and automatically emailed to anyone. The ability to do that really gives them decision-making support—they can track and forecast information about their employees to help them manage their business better.”

What’s next for Paycor’s product development?

“The future is looking bright for Paycor’s products. We’re continually enhancing Perform. We’re conceptualizing a more robust home or intranet-like page for our clients and their employees, dynamic charts and graphs to aid decision-support through our reporting and including advanced HR functionality. We’re also adding services like Cobra/FSA Administration and eVerify compliance. And we plan on doing all this and more while making sure our applications are easy to use. The outlook for Paycor and our products and services is tremendous. It’s a great time to be a Paycor client!”

Watch a video to learn more about Perform’s industry-leading employee administration capabilities.