Paycor Paycards Add New Layer of Security

Effective May 1, the cards included in Paycard Instant Issue Packs are VISA-branded cards, providing an additional layer of security for your employees.

Paycards are bank accounts in a card. They work like a direct deposit account and are available to all employees, regardless of credit history. The account is an FDIC-insured account and can be used at ATM and point-of-sale (POS) terminals accepting PIN transactions to withdraw cash and make purchases. The account also allows for pre-authorized bill payments.

* Convenient for employer: Allows an employer to be 100% paperless even if some employees do not have bank accounts
* Convenient for employees: They have 24 hour phone or internet access to account balance. And the card is owned by employee, not employer so it is portable if they leave the company.
* Acts like a bank: Employee’s cards are FDIC insured. They receive a monthly bank statement, and balances are shown at ATM with each withdrawal.

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