Paycor Transforms Insurance Broker-Client Relationships With Innovative Broker Care Service

Advanced Offering Empowers Brokers to Meet Client Needs, Address Changing Business Requirements

CINCINNATI, OH-(Marketwired Apr 14, 2015) - Paycor, providing companies with intuitive, cloud-based onboarding, HR, payroll and timekeeping software, today announced details of its Broker Care service, offering a range of innovative features designed to help insurance brokers streamline client interactions and address today's most complex business challenges with confidence.

Built upon its industry-leading technology for managing HR, payroll and timekeeping functions, Paycor's Broker Care provides brokers with a high-level concierge service that transforms their client interactions. The service gives brokers timely access to critical client data and reports spanning HR, payroll and other important information, enabling them to serve their clients more efficiently and effectively. Through Broker Care, Paycor provides the tools, technology and personal service that enable brokers to meet and exceed their clients' expectations and facilitate key processes surrounding Workers Compensation, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, workflow management and other aspects of the broker-client relationship.

The need for such a service is highlighted by a recent survey conducted by Paycor to assess the current broker landscape and identify the biggest challenges brokers face when working with clients. For instance, when asked about the kind of information they struggle to obtain from clients, nearly half of brokers surveyed (45 percent) revealed that they have difficulty getting deduction and reconciliation reports from their clients. At the same time, the vast majority (87 percent) reported that clients are most concerned with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- and ensuring compliance with the law's numerous regulations. As these obstacles continue to grow, the right technology is essential to enhancing how brokers work with clients, attain the necessary information and overcome the most pressing business challenges.

Paycor's Broker Care meets this demand with cutting-edge functionality. For instance, it ensures brokers are kept informed with real-time updates on employee status changes, census data, deductions and more. Through dedicated broker experts providing award-winning service, combined with immediate access to reports and analytics, Paycor's Broker Care empowers brokers to deliver the high level of service their clients demand. And while some payroll software providers are also some of the fastest-growing brokers in the country, putting the broker's relationship with their clients at risk, Paycor's solutions are developed to strengthen the broker-client engagement, not compete with them.

"The challenges brokers face today are numerous, driving the need for a robust solution that reinvents the way they communicate with clients and enables them to deliver positive results," said Rick Chouteau, a senior vice president at Paycor. "Through our Broker Care service, Paycor empowers brokers with the tools, expertise and access to key HR and payroll information to better serve their clients, from facilitating benefits enrollment and contending with the challenges introduced by ACA to gaining timely access to critical employee census data, including new hire and terminated employees. Our goal is to work together to deliver the best intelligence and services to our mutual clients."

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