Posted on December 12, 2011

The Change: Due to legislative changes, we are now required to use the new employee’s first day of earnings or the first day worked instead of their first check date as their official hire/rehire date.

What You Need to Do: This means you need to enter new hire/re-hire information into your payroll application on or before the new employee’s first day of work.

Additional Details: The following includes a few more changes to note.

  • New hires/re-hires might be reported to the state before they receive their first paycheck.
  • You will be billed for new hire reporting once all the required information has been supplied. This means you might be billed a little later or earlier than before.
  • We will not report a re-hire unless they have missed at least one paycheck.
  • You will not be able to change the hire date for an employee with a status of Resigned, Retired, Terminated or Deceased.
  • The new hire information will be submitted to the state weekly instead of every two weeks.

Questions? Please contact your Paycor payroll specialist.