Posted on September 16, 2016

ProductCamp is the premier “un-conference” that enables passionate product people from across the region to discuss best practices, make connections with fellow product gurus and share their ideas about delivering better products. For the third consecutive year, Paycor will host and sponsor ProductCamp in Cincinnati on September 24, 2016 at our headquarters. “ProductCamp Cincinnati is a must-do for us,” says James Schroth, VP of Product Management at Paycor. “Nowhere else can you get a realistic day-in-the-life of a product manager and learn how to apply these real world experiences in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace.”

ProductCamps are characterized by lean principles and “by the people, for the people” organization. Participants are encouraged to get involved by sharing a talk, facilitating a discussion or leading a workshop. ProductCamp events…

• are free and planned for the weekend to reduce travel and time off costs for attendees
• ask all attendees to participate by promoting the event, speaking on a helpful topic or volunteering during the day
• build the day’s session agenda on the fly based on attendee preference
• encourage attendees to vote on the most exciting ideas that grab their attention

Started in Silicon Valley, ProductCamps now occur in major cities throughout the world, pulling together product managers, marketers, entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists, usability experts, and many other disciplines that dream, build, launch, or support some product. ProductCamps are sponsored by leading, product-focused organizations, like Paycor, that want to promote their reputation, identify local talent, and create a groundswell of enthusiasm among passionate product people.

Learn more about this exciting event and register to attend here.