Posted on January 31, 2012

Save Time with Paycor's Custom Web Reporting

Paycor has developed a product with you in mind. It is a simple and powerful tool that combines all of your Paycor clients’ payroll reports in one place and allows you to create customized reports in the format you like to use.

Access to Information for all of your Clients
This time-saving feature allows you to create one report template and pick which clients you would like to view the report for. Reports can be customized to view any information you or your clients will need from their payroll.

Create Fiscal Year Reports
Custom Web Reporting allows you to pick any customized date range to run a report. This means you can easily create reports for clients whose fiscal year is different than the calendar year. This function also makes report creation for auditing purposes much easier.

Export Information into Excel Format
Once reports are created they can be exported into various electronic file formats, including Excel, PDF, or HTML. This gives you the flexibility to make additions to reports as well as send reports to other users.

For more information about this product, visit the Custom Web Reporting page or contact your Account Manager.