South Florida Auto Auction's payroll contact, Nadia Lee, was in the middle of processing payroll for approximately 60 employees when she suddenly lost her internet connection. Her internet going down, caused her to be kicked out of the Paycor Payroll application. Nadia called Paycor, fortunately for Nadia, Mandy Henson was there to answer her call.

Mandy was able to work with Paycor’s IT group to get Nadia logged back in to finish her payroll. The big problem was that Nadia really needed to process that day even though it was almost 5:00 pm and her specialist was already gone for the day. Not to worry – Mandy worked with her supervisor, Pat Bosse, to have another specialist in the department pull the files through and process the payroll on time.

Even without her dedicated specialist being available, Nadia’s payroll was still completed on time. Nadia was very appreciative of our efforts to get her payroll processed and delivered on time.