Stanion is a fifty-year-old distributor of electrical systems and equipment across a six state area. Before moving their payroll processing to Paycor, Stanion was with a national competitor. Stanion chose Paycor to partner with a company that had a stronger service model. Although they moved the payroll service to Paycor, Stanion maintained its previous time and attendance solution through the first few years of their Paycor partnership. Stanion felt that their timekeeping system wasn't perfect, but the company didn't want to go through the perceived pain of a conversion.

We did not give up on the idea of bringing a 100% Paycor solution to Stanion. We continued to talk to Stanion about our time and attendance application's ease of use for a multiple-location user with complex scheduling and remote employees. Heather Herren, Stanion’s Corporate Administrator, credits Paycor Support Analyst, Harry Thomas, for Stanions' successful transition to Paycor's time and attendance solution. Today, all 205 employees use the application. The change to a web-based system created improved efficiency for the organization.

Ultimately, Heather was so impressed with the employees’ use of their time keeping kiosks, that she moved all of Stanion's payroll and timekeeping systems to 100% paperless a year ago. This is a big accomplishment for an "old school" company like Stanion and one that has resulted in a huge reduction in time and money spent to support Stanion's wide-spread workforce.