Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo | Paycor Client Testimonial

Voted the #1 Zoo in the U.S. by Parents Magazine, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is a non-profit organization devoted to educating the community and preserving endangered wildlife.

As a non-profit and a seasonal business, they face many business challenges in terms of reporting, compliance and staffing. These challenges were complicated further by the fact that their data was not integrated or easily accessible. Having disparate timekeeping, payroll and HR systems made reporting extremely difficult.

Elizabeth Hennig, Chief Financial Officer, knew that their payroll and HR partner had to be able to help them overcome challenges presented by disparate systems.

"Paycor was very helpful to us because we learned that, at an affordable price, we were able to get the functionality that we weren't able to get with other payroll companies," said Elizabeth.

By providing an integrated time, payroll and HR system, Paycor helped the Zoo streamline and simplify their complex reporting and staffing needs.

In addition to making day-to-day work easier and helping control expenses, integrated systems mean better data and easier reporting. For Elizabeth, having access to better data is critical.

"I love reports," she said. "Having the ability to go into Custom Web Reporting, click the specific information I'm looking for, and immediately being able to print out a report and organize the data in a way that will be useful is phenomenal."

Elizabeth uses reports to analyze employee wages, determine if adjustments need to be made, prepare for minimum wage increases and more.

When the Zoo was evaluating payroll and HR providers, integration and functionality weren't the only factors in their decision: they wanted more than just a vendor.

"We were looking for a company that would exhibit that they truly knew what it meant to be a partner with our organization," said Elizabeth. "And Paycor did just that."

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