The Right-Size Solution for Growing Franchises

Fresh Coat franchisee Steven Gloyer looks forward to expanding his business, and he knows that when he does add employees, Paycor’s HR and payroll technology will grow right along with him, providing him additional easy-to-use services when he needs them.

That wasn’t the case when Gloyer was part of a professional employer organization (PEO) and had to pay for services he didn’t need or use.

“Right now I have Paycor’s payroll and workers’ compensation services for my three employees,” says Gloyer, who’s based near Columbus, Ohio. “Paycor allows Fresh Coat franchisees to pick and choose versus paying for things we don’t need. As our businesses grow, if we decide we need to utilize HR services, for example, we can sign up for that. If you’re not utilizing all of the PEO services, it makes no sense to pay for it.”

Gloyer says his transition to Paycor and his implementation went smoothly and easily, and he’s received timely, helpful customer service from his sales representative, Nick, and his client service specialist, Melissa.

“They’be both been extremely helpful every time I’ve called them,” Gloyer says. “I’ll get something in the mail about workers’ comp or different government regulations, and I’ll send a question about whether Paycor is handling it. They respond, ‘Yes, we are,’ and that’s all I need to know.”

Paycor is a preferred provider for Fresh Coat, which means franchisees have access to the unique, one-to-one Franchise Care program, as well as preferential pricing. To learn more, visit Paycor’s Franchise Solutions page or watch a brief demo of Paycor’s Perform platform.

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