Posted on July 15, 2013

The Talent Pinch: Are You Feeling It?

49% of businesses had trouble filling mission-critical positions last year, according to Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey. Is your business feeling the talent pinch? As the economy improves, more and more companies are noticing that top talent is getting harder to recruit. Part of the problem is that the turnaround time on job offers has gotten faster—candidates are getting job offers more quickly.

According to hiring expert SueAnn Naso, President of Staffing Solutions Enterprises, the speed of the hiring process is becoming more important: “There are still some companies who are taking a long time to make hiring decisions and they are finding they are losing candidates to this lengthy hiring process.” Employers who get tied up in a long process are going to have an even harder time filling those critical positions.

“Companies are re-evaluating their process,” Naso observes, “including automation of their recruitment processes through implementation of an applicant tracking system.” Such a system gives hiring managers and HR staff greater visibility into where applicants are in the process, helps them identify bottlenecks and allows them to save time through automation.

Paycor’s Applicant Tracking was built by recruiters, for recruiters, so it is intuitively designed and easy to use. Recruiting dashboards allow you to view and manage everything in real time, and analytics and custom reports provide you with insights to continuously improve the process. Save time with customized email and standard response templates, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the system is automatically updated to stay EEO/OFCCP compliant.

Don’t miss out on top talent because your hiring process can’t keep up. Contact us today to learn how using Applicant Tracking can help you streamline hiring.

Sources: Manpower, Staffing Solutions Enterprises