Things I’ve Learned… (and am still learning).
Things I’ve Learned… (and am still learning).

Things I’ve Learned… (and am still learning).

By Bob Coughlin, CEO Paycor

Quick Tip: Reach for your dreams and help your clients reach for theirs.

It’s that time again when we set our New Years’ resolutions. Of course, it’s easy to be cynical since so many times we set goals to do things and then our behavior gets in the way. Knowing that I am very busy, if I’m really going to do something different and unique for me (break my old habits or start a new one), then it is going to take some serious thought, not just a scribble on a piece of paper. I am an optimist and think I can create new behaviors, but it starts with letting the yearning bake up to a serious level.

Here’s what I like to do:
* Write down the dream (smart goal)
* Tell others about it – that makes it real
* Visualize it in a little session with yourself (draw a picture)
* Be willing to plan and work at it (schedule things in your calendar)
* Figure out the obstacles and how to remove them
* Have a positive attitude
* Be resilient and adaptable

Do you know the dreams of your best clients? Suppose you supported them in achieving their dreams? Now that would be a great relationship.

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