Things I’ve Learned…(and am still learning).

By Bob Coughlin, CEO Paycor

Quick Tip: The Power of One Software Platform

One backend software platform is a strength of Paycor that allows you and our clients to get more for your money. As you probably know, other major providers have completely different systems depending upon input method and size of client. Typically, smaller clients get stripped down capabilities. At Paycor, whether a client has 2,000, 200, 20 or 2 employees, they are on the same platform.

So…why does that matter?

Our Custom Web Reporting tool works off one database, no matter what size client. Most 2 employee companies don’t need or want a lot of reporting. But, plenty of larger employee companies need historical data for reasons such as census data for benefits, budgeting, and management of their employee data for things as simple as reviews. With Paycor, those companies have an easy-to-use tool, and can even schedule a report.

Every payroll company has a standard set of reports, but you can’t predict everything you are going to need in the future. Do you really want to sit down with an adding machine and ledger cards, or re-enter data into Excel because there’s no way to grab the data in the form you need it?

Take a minute to get to know the capabilities of Paycor's Custom Web Reporting. We’ll be happy to show you.