Posted on March 3, 2011

Things I’ve Learned…(and am still learning)

By Bob Coughlin, CEO Paycor

Quick Tip: There is nothing like a testimonial.

Sometimes people ask me why I continue to work as hard as I do. The thrill for me is when I receive an email talking about how we exceeded expectations as a company. CPA Care is just one of the ways that we build relationships with our clients and their CPAs.

Jules Neviaser at Martin & Associates,PL, was in the middle of an audit when it was brought to his attention that he was missing payroll numbers prior to starting with Paycor. Without hesitation, he called CPA Care and they tracked down the missing information (even though it was prior to Paycor). Jules had the information in hand within 15 minutes so he could complete the audit. This is just one of the innumerable times the department has assisted him. Jules even said he believes this department walks on water. Jules took the time to write me a note of thanks…his note is appreciated.

Whether a CPA has questions on tax changes or is requesting a report, the CPA Care Advocates are always showing hospitality with their quick responses – which is especially valuable when you have tight deadlines.

Nobody is perfect – but we pursue excellence and when it is recognized, it’s appreciated. Therefore, the next time you receive excellent service, make sure you let that person know. It only takes a few minutes to make someone else’s day!