Posted on November 14, 2012

Last month, UserVoice and CoSupport presented the first annual UserConf in San Francisco. This conference brings together technology and SaaS companies to discuss trends and share ideas about how to combine great technology with exceptional service. Paycor Product Manager Brian Craft attended, hoping to gain new insights to bring back to the team and deliver even better products and service to our clients.

One of the key insights he took away from the conference was that, like Paycor, many technology companies are transitioning to a users-first mentality. “It was good to hear that companies like Airbnb and EventBrite are working through similar challenges to ones we have faced, like providing an exceptional product and customer experience as they continue to grow,” he said. It was also encouraging to see that we’re in front of the trend of focusing on the end user’s experience and truly listening to our clients. The new ideas about service in the SaaS business presented by the UserConf speakers gave us inspiration to build even stronger relationships with our clients and users.

“Out of the wide range of topics presented,” Brian explained, “two ideas stuck out to me: focus on users first and try new ways to provide service.” Though we have been bringing both of these ideas to life here at Paycor, it was reassuring to see that other technology companies are thinking about them, too. Plus, the discussions at the conference gave us ideas about what we can do even better.

Focus on Users First

“Just like Paycor, other technology companies are expanding how they think about their customers,” Brian stated. “They’re not just the people who make the purchase decision, but the end users of the product or service, such as employees or event attendees.” Products should be designed with end users in mind, emphasizing ease-of-use and responsive service.

Speakers at the conference also stressed the importance of directly involving product development with the customer service process. After all, the people building the product stand to gain the most from understanding what users experience. Aligning development and service allows both to obtain cross-functional experience and generate ideas for making the product better.

Try New Ways to Provide Service

Paycor clients love our one-to-one service model, and we see tremendous value in building personal relationships with our clients. But, as Brian put it, “There are a lot of ways to provide product support, from live chat to social media.” An example of this is our use of product help and feedback options within our applications which allow users to search our knowledge base, recommend product enhancements and vote on the suggestions of others. The conference got us thinking about what more we can do to provide even better service to our clients.

All in all, the first annual UserConf provided good food for thought for technology companies, and gave Paycor insight and inspiration for the future.

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