Posted on February 24, 2014

Dave New calls himself the “Vice President of Everything” at Indy Composite Works, and with a job description like that, he doesn’t have time for complicated systems or broken promises.

That’s why New came to Paycor. New’s previous payroll provider, ADP, didn’t offer integrated, intuitive technology and overpromised on HR solutions and personalized client service. Disappointed, New wondered why he was paying so much and getting so little in return.

“Our costs shot up dramatically,” New says. “The HR support structure they sold me on turned out to be smoke and mirrors.”

When his CPA recommended Paycor, New spoke with a sales representative who took the time to meet with him personally and understand his business needs—something another competing provider had not done.

That personal touch and Paycor’s “intuitive, well-constructed” platform helped make New’s decision easy. Now with Paycor, New needs only about 10 minutes to process his payroll data. Gone is the instruction sheet he’d created to work through ADP’s process.

For New, moving to Paycor meant saving both time and money.

“Between ease of use and the tremendously less costly service,” he says, “it didn’t make my decision to switch very difficult.”

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