Posted on December 28, 2011

Time for Change

Everyday life moves fast. So, when it comes to making choices and changes —from investment advisors to cell phone plans—it’s hard to take a moment to evaluate and make the switch, even when you know there are better ways to meet your needs. The same is true for businesses.

Fact is, in today’s competitive retail environment, no business can afford to waste time and energy using ineffective or inefficient systems for every day functions such as payroll and HR. For Volvo of Oak Park, Illinois—the leading Chicagoland Volvo dealer—switching providers was a change that was long overdue.

According to Lisa Zapata, Payroll Administrator for Volvo of Oak Park, “Our previous supplier wasn’t doing anything really badly—just nothing spectacular. We were just not informed of our options!” She said Paycor really delivered when they demonstrated a solution that met so many needs and solved problems she did not even realize she had.

For example, she uses Paycor’s payroll system, Internet Entry, as one consistent source for employee data. No more out-of-date, disparate spreadsheets with inconsistent employee information. With Paycor, Zapata has one reliable data source that helps her easily manage data for her 50-plus employee population.

In addition, with Paycor’s integrated ReadyClock system, all time data is imported directly into the payroll system. This enables better employee time and attendance tracking (“who’s here and who’s not”) and eliminates time-consuming hourly calculations and errors that can occur tabulating for 50-plus associates on a weekly basis. “The system does it all for me!” Zapata says.

And, with employees who are compensated in different ways (salary, commission, hourly), anything that can help uniformly process payroll faster, easier and with more confidence frees time to better serve Volvo of Oak Park’s loyal customer base. “That’s a great thing.” Zapata says. “With Paycor I can track employees by department—even easily logging vacation time electronically. I could never do that with my former system!”

Referencing Paycor’s HR On-Demand service, Volvo of Oak Park’s managers can get answers to HR issues and get real-time, reliable advice from an HR professional. “It helps us manage employee issues the right way, with confidence,” Zapata says.

Another feature—Online Check Stubs—saves time, paper and ensures confidentiality. Zapata said each week she’d print, stuff and distribute the payroll advices to employees. “In a car dealership, there are constant interruptions, so I was always concerned about mixing up the advices and ‘mis-sharing’ confidential information.” Now, employees simply go online to obtain their check stubs. Zapata said employees have responded well to this online feature.

Zapata says controller Juno Ortiz was skeptical about the conversion. “But now he’s convinced,” she says. “When we flipped the switch at the change of the year, there was no glitch at all and no looking back.”

Paycor’s Chicago Sales Manager, Jen Seebeck, agrees. “Conversions are always stressful for customers. We do our best to make them non events.” Seebeck said, Paycor knows the importance of a solid start and works hard to eliminate any problems for every client.”

“Bottom line,” says Zapata, “we should have made this change years ago. I highly recommend Paycor for measurable time savings and reduced hassles!”

  • Paycor Internet Entry saves time, eliminates spreadsheets and streamlines all employee information, providing one reliable data source.
  • Paycor’s ReadyClock time system enabled painless tracking of “who’s here and who’s not” and automatically downloads each employee’s hours.
  • Online Pay Stubs effectively distributes employee’s advices in a timely manner where and when the employee wants it.
  • HR On-Demand serves as a helpful resource for immediate counsel and answers to important HR questions that come up when you least expect them.

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