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Compliance Series: Tip Credit and Tip Pooling — Federal, State and Local Laws
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Workforce Management

Compliance Series: Tip Credit and Tip Pooling — Federal, State and Local Laws

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When employers with tipped employees get audited, 84% of the time there are violations. As all restaurant owners well know, restaurant industry payroll is highly complex making it more prone to errors. Not only do you have to figure out wages for your tipped employees, but you also have the added hurdle of figuring out shortfalls and calculating your FICA tip credit. That’s a lot of computing—and a lot to potentially mess up. And then you have to decide (or your state decides for you) whether you have a tip pooling arrangement.

Attendees will leave this session understanding:

  • The definition of a tipped employee
  • Employees that cannot be tipped
  • How state and local minimum wages affect tipped employees
  • Tip credit ins and outs
  • How to calculate overtime on a tip credit
  • Tip pool basics
  • Pros and cons of tip pools

Speaker: Becky Becker

Becky Becker has over 20 years of experience providing human resource expertise and guidance to multi-state employers, non-profits, manufacturers, allied health, small businesses, and governments on their strategic workforce and people issues. Prior to joining Herbein (Her by in) | Mosteller HR Solutions, Becky was an independent Human Resource consultant for several years, as well as working as an HR Generalist and an HR Director 16 years for a multi-state employer.

Thursday, May 26
11 AM ET