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Compliant Approaches to COVID-Related Challenges in the Workplace
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Compliant Approaches to COVID-Related Challenges in the Workplace

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The pandemic is not yet over and even though many of us have gathered key learnings, a lot of questions still remain. If you still have specific unanswered questions about how to keep everyone safe and stay compliant, we’ve got a great webinar for you. In this session, we will discuss the burning COVID-related questions posed by employers and explore compliant approaches.

Join us to discuss these questions and more:
• Can I require COVID vaccinations as part of my benefits wellness plan?
• Does my health plan have to cover COVID testing for travel?
• What are my compliant options when an employee that refuses a COVID vaccination?
• How do large employers track COVID vaccination compliance?

Speaker: Lesli Corbin with Assured Partners

Lesli Corbin is the Vice Pres of Compliance Services of Assured Partners, an employer benefits brokerage.  She ensures that employee benefits plans are in compliance with federal and state law. She also provides HR consulting services and ensures consistency between an employer’s HR practices and benefits program. 

Thursday, December 16
11 AM ET