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Customer Exclusive: Paycor Accruals
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Workforce Management

Customer Exclusive: Paycor Accruals

Customer Exclusive Webinar

Please log into Paycor.com and visit the Customer Exclusive Webinars page under your “Resources” drop down to Register..


Keeping track of your employees’ paid time off can be time-consuming, but you’ve got to make sure you’re getting it right to help ensure compliance with wage and hour laws. Paycor Accruals automatically calculates paid time off balances for employees no matter your accrual policy. It even works with hours-worked accruals systems and rollovers.

Join us for this customer-exclusive webinar to learn how Paycor Accruals can help you save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Speaker: Peter Canter

Peter Canter is a Product Marketing Manager and has been with Paycor for 8+ years.  His responsibilities consist of various functions such as translating product capabilities into sales and marketing initiatives, generating customer insights that inform Paycor’s product strategy, leading go-to-market strategy for our suite of products and driving rapid growth.  He also advocates for our existing and prospective users to be informed about our competitive landscape and become the go-to expert for your product area to help shape the product roadmap and strategy.

This webinar is exclusively for Paycor Customers. Please log into Paycor.com and visit the Customer Exclusive Webinars page under your “Resources” drop down to Register.

Tuesday, August 30