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Diversity Webinar Series: Strategies for Integrating Diversity into Your Daily Work
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Diversity Webinar Series: Strategies for Integrating Diversity into Your Daily Work

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Diversity is often thought of as “one or the other” when in fact, diversity is multidimensional and encompasses many characteristics. This webinar will examine how we think about diversity, equality and inclusion along with a unique activity. It will conclude with strategies on how to drive meaningful conversations that are productive and recognize the value of individual team members.

Speaker: Amy Hull

Amy E. Hull, M.Ed. is the first Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Paycor, Inc. She had a 17-year career in Education laying the foundation for leadership development, and how to strategically turn plans into actionable work. She has an extensive background in relationship building, leadership, community service and engagement, public speaking, webinar workshops, event planning and mentorship. Her passion lies in developing people, driving strategy into actionable change for underserved populations, motivational/educational speaking engagements, creating social, cultural, emotional and relational skills for organizations.