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How Can Others-Centered Conversations Change the Workplace Dynamic
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Join us to learn what others-centric conversations are, why they are so important, and how to apply this to real-life situations in your workplace. In this session, we will focus on:
1. How a leaders mindset translates into approaching critical conversations
2. The art of compassionate conversations that drive accountability
3. The importance of leveraging resources to create greater impact


Stephanie Mattson and Lindsey Kemen

Lindsey Kemen (Key man) is a lifelong learner with a decade of Human Resources experience in manufacturing, healthcare, and HCM. Lindsey has a passion for creating organizational impact through leadership development, culture transformation, and process improvement. She speaks fluent Excel and is always looking for the next opportunity to live by her favorite motto, “Leave things better than how you found them

Stephanie Mattson has a passion for empowering teams to succeed. Through HR experiences in manufacturing and HCM spaces, she has developed a toolkit to help others through day-to-day and strategic needs. She believes that HR professionals with leaders can have an impressive impact on engagement and growth on a personal and organizational level.

2:00 pm EST, Tuesday, April 4, 2023
HRCI & SHRM credits