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How to Build a Culture of High Performance
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Workforce Management

How to Build a Culture of High Performance

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If employees feel a connection to your organization, if they understand their place in it, and can see a future for themselves, they’re far more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive. But creating a culture where employees thrive, and candidates gravitate to doesn’t happen overnight.

During this webinar, Jon Thurmond will cover key aspects across the employee experience that organizations must prioritize to create a culture of high performance.

Topics covered include:

  • Communication styles and strategies
  • Establishing company values and embodying them
  • Focusing on upskilling and reskilling
  • Leadership development and how it’s changed over the pandemic
  • Essentials of performance management

Speakers: Jon Thurmond

Jon Thurmond serves as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Human Resources Manager for Team Fishel, a utility engineering and construction firm.  His experience includes working across multiple industries in roles encompassing Employee/Labor Relations, Recruiting, Training, and HR leadership.

Thursday, August 11