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How to Defeat Loneliness and Encourage Meaningful Connections
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How to Defeat Loneliness and Encourage Meaningful Connections

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Do you feel connected to others? It wouldn’t be a surprise if your answer is no. Although digitally, we are more connected than ever, we are getting lonelier and lonelier. Even though it might not seem like a big problem, when you understand the impact loneliness has not on just your mental health but physical health–you might start to take it a little more seriously. What can be done, you ask? Well we’ll tell you in this upcoming webinar.

This talk will:

  • Unlock the what and why of loneliness
  • Uncover HOW we can begin to practice more meaningful connections in our daily lives
  • Learn how “us-care” vs. “self-care” can improve the communities we live and work in

Speaker: Amy Vaughan

Amy Vaughan is the CEO Together Digital has been practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for over 20 years. As a former creative director, she loves to use her 15 years of agency-life experience and mindfulness practices to support members at Together Digital and those she helps to coach.

Tuesday, October 11