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How to Improve Engagement and Elevate Performance with Goals
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Talent Management

How to Improve Engagement and Elevate Performance with Goals

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No one likes to be micromanaged or told what to do. Even your highest performing employees can become demoralized by rigid or arbitrary goals that limit their performance. This also means weak goal setting can contribute to poor employee performance. Ultimately, unaligned employee goals and company desired outcomes lead to challenges like low commitment, unmet expectations, low retention, and lack of growth in the organization. But what if there was a way to transform goal-setting—turning the rigid process into a positive employee experience where employees feel empowered to learn and grow?

Effective goal-setting is no longer a myth in the modern workplace. When implemented well, setting goals can help improve employee performance and growth by using company transparency and alignment.

In fact, according to recent McKinsey research, goal-setting, when done correctly, can help improve employee engagement in a way that elevates performance and benefits organizations overall.

In this interactive webinar, Libby Stewart, will guide you through the science of goal-setting, implementing your preferred goal-setting methodology that aligns with your organization’s needs, and provide actionable tips to leverage goals for onboarding, engagement, and employee growth.

Speakers: Libby Stewart

Libby is an Evidence based Practitioner with a background in Industrial & Organizational Psychology which, for those who may not be familiar with, is most easily understood as the science of people and how they perform in the workplace. She has a decade of experience in Talent Management and Organizational Development as well as Board Advisory and prior to this partnered on research projects in social, business and cognitive psychology with a focus on affirmative action programs and women in the workplace. Libby is currently the Director of Customer Success & Professional Services for 7Geese, that was recently acquired by the Paycor family.