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How to Prepare your Business for the Recession
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Workforce Management

How to Prepare your Business for the Recession

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It’s no longer a secret that America could soon be facing a recession. And, HR leaders will be on the frontlines. Human resources departments are integral in maneuvering uncertainty through partnering with the finance department to strategically optimize headcount costs while keeping the current and future needs of the business in mind. We want to help you prepare.

Join Paycor and our partners Visier as they speak about how being smart and data-driven in preparing and managing during a downturn can help you mitigate the negative impacts to employees, brand, and company growth.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What a recession will look like for businesses and the challenges HR will face
  • How to help people leaders take the right calculated actions to get through recessions and come out stronger
  • The do’s and don’ts to maximizing your workforce and getting back on the road to recovery

Speakers: Thera Martens, Matt Davis and Michelle Prebble from Visier

Thera runs Partner and Embedded Marketing for Visier and supports the GTM strategy for the business. She has over 10+ years in SaaS marketing experience and 5+ years in HR management consulting. Thera and her team works closely with the solutions strategy team as well as marketing leadership to drive revenue for the business.

As a member of the product marketing team, Matt’s goal is to serve as a conduit between our customers, our products, and the market. Matt has served in product marketing roles for a variety of B2B SaaS  companies for over a decade.

Michelle runs talent acquisition for Visier alongside a team of specialist recruiters. She has over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition across a variety of industries in Canada, Australia and the UK. At Visier, she is focused on scaling their Talent Acquisition function which includes using Visier People to build a model of best practices that answer the workplace challenges of today.

Tuesday, August 9