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HR in the New World: 6 New Leadership Expectations
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Workforce Management

HR in the New World: 6 New Leadership Expectations

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Are you equipped with leadership skills for this new world? In this unprecedented environment, true leaders don’t wait for instructions. HR leaders specifically have to step up to meet challenges, most of the time before a formal invitation or title change. Leadership expectations are changing by the minute and to be effective, you have to understand: strategic initiatives to align organization talent; how to plan for the future needs of human capital and what success looks like in 2022 and beyond. Join us to learn how you can prepare. We will look at 6 key changes in the expectations of all leaders and evaluate the strategic initiatives and executive interactions you must embrace to be successful.

Attendees will walk out with:

  • An understanding of how to identify opportunities that spotlight your success
  • What to look for in a strategic plan
  • How to craft discussions to ensure you are headed in the same direction as leadership
  • Action items that will ensure you can incorporate changes that will drive results

Speaker: Lori Kleiman

Lori Kleiman is a business expert with 30 years of experience advising companies on HR issues and a frequent friend of Paycor’s webinar program. Her background as a human resources professional and consultant gives her unique insight on how HR professionals and executives can work together effectively to achieve business goals. Her programs are designed to provide critical HR updates and best practices to small businesses. In addition, she is has served as adjunct faculty member at a number of Universities.

Thursday, February 10
11 AM ET