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Managing a Remote Workforce: How to Promote Engagement and Productivity
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Workforce Management

Managing a Remote Workforce: How to Promote Engagement and Productivity

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Remote work is the new normal for many Americans, but many leaders are still uncertain about how to keep remote employees engaged and productive. In this webinar, you will learn strategies to be a better resource for your remote workers. Learn what it takes to conduct a successful virtual onboarding, tips for managing remote workers and the tools you need to prepare.

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Speakers: Melissa Dern

Melissa is a HR Service Solutions Manager with Strategic HR Inc. Melissa is a dynamic HR consultant with 20 years of experience. Melissa brings a wealth of expertise as an HR Generalist with a diverse background in recruiting, staffing operations, management and sales. Melissa loves the process of understanding people’s passion and desire for bettering themselves.

Thursday, December 23
11 AM ET