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Managing Major Change with Empathy
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Managing Major Change with Empathy

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This session is eligible for HRCI and SHRM credit.

What does it take to be an empathetic leader, especially in times of change? Let’s explore. You may already be doing it.
We all know that change is difficult in simple times, but after two years of constant upheaval, it is even more of a struggle. What’s often dismissed is that leaders are required to manage their team’s emotions and challenges while still processing their own, resulting in increased stress and heightened emotion. Start here for help with navigating change with empathy.

In this webinar, Samantha Kelly of Strategic HR will share the following:

  • Tips and tricks for managing with empathy
  • Help to create a welcoming and understanding environment
  • Achieving goals and deadlines in spite of uncertain futures

Speaker: Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly serves as strategic HR inc.’s Senior Sales Marketing Strategist, managing social media and online marketing, creative content generation, public relations, and more. She also contributes as a member of the Talent Acquisition team part-time. With a passion for storytelling, Samantha enjoys putting the puzzle pieces together to create cohesive and engaging messaging. 

Samantha is dedicated to serving her clients and their candidates with efficiency, excitement, and expediency.

Thursday, August 25
11 AM ET