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Maximizing Talent Acquisition Efficiency: Strategies for Small HR Departments
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Attendees will:

  • Learn ways to fit recruiting into your busy schedule by utilizing multiple streams of activity and crafting compelling job advertisements.
  • Identify the best candidates while eliminating the rest through an efficient internal process.
  • Explore the importance of meeting candidates where they are and becoming an employer of choice.
  • Gain insights into pre-employment testing, background checks, and offer letter best practices.

With the help of technology and a proven system developed by our expert speaker, Lori, you’ll be equipped to streamline your talent acquisition efforts in no time.


Lori Kleiman

Lori Kleiman is a business expert with 30 years of experience advising companies on HR issues and a frequent friend of Paycor’s webinar program.
Her background as a human resources professional and consultant gives her unique insight on how HR professionals and executives can work together effectively to achieve business goals. Her programs are designed to provide critical HR updates and best practices to small businesses.

11:00 am ET, Thursday, June 13, 2024