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Network Like An Introvert: Valuable Tips For All Personality Styles
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Although extroverts enjoy social interaction, it’s important to be intentional. And while introverts are often mischaracterized as being at a disadvantage when it comes to the art of networking, there are actually a few things others can learn from them. In this webinar session, we’ll uncover how ALL personality styles can learn from the natural strengths of introverts. You will learn how to use less-commonly known tactics to:

  • Connect with others at work
  • Gain confidence to pursue new roles
  • Expand your circle of influence


Erich Kurschat

Erich Kurschat is the owner of Harmony Insights LLC (HarmonyInsights.com), a company that helps organizations and consultants leverage the DiSC personality assessment.  He is also the founder of HRHotSeat (HRHotSeat.com), an inclusive mastermind community of real HR pros solving real HR problems.  Erich draws from a broad range of experiences as a corporate HR professional, a public speaker, a career coach, a classical musician and a proud introvert to inspire others toward meaningful work and productive workplace relationships.