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Partner Exclusive: Do Your Clients Know Who Will Quit Next?
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Talent Management

Partner Exclusive: Do Your Clients Know Who Will Quit Next?

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With voluntary turnover at an all-time high, your clients need to better understand who is likely to leave, why they’re leaving and how to make them stay. Paycor’s Analytics software enables your clients to gain deeper insights into important data like turnover, headcount and gender pay equity. It also uses a predictive data model to identify the probability of employees leaving in the next 12 months.

Paycor Analytics takes the complexity out of workforce analysis and planning. It will give your clients insights and answers to hundreds of pre-built questions, populated by their data, including:

  • Extent of employee turnover in the next 12 months.
  • Competitive benchmarks to see how they stack up against their peers.
  • Compare compensation across department, location, job title.
  • Predict absences, reduce overtime, and increase productivity based on historical data.
  • Identify compliance risks by monitoring trends in overtime, absenteeism, and payroll.

Paycor Analytics is providing medium and small businesses access to enterprise-level tools. It uses simple, straightforward data visualizations to help your clients find out what they don’t know. They will be able to identify blind spots in their organization and become problem solvers.

Speaker: Peter Canter

Peter Canter is a Product Marketing Manager and has been with Paycor for 8+ years.  His responsibilities consist of various functions such as translating product capabilities into sales and marketing initiatives, generating customer insights that inform Paycor’s product strategy, leading go-to-market strategy for our suite of products and driving rapid growth.  He also advocates for our existing and prospective users to be informed about our competitive landscape and become the go-to expert for your product area to help shape the product roadmap and strategy.

Thursday, February 3