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The 6 Step Process for Difficult Conversations

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Sometimes we can’t avoid having difficult conversations, but having a set of tools to help can make all the difference. In this session, we’ll explore the keys to success for difficult conversations. We’ll also share how mindset affects your conversation skills, what secret weapon we recommend before every conversation, and lastly, the 6-step process to communicating a difficult message with ease and respect every time.

You’ll walk away with:
1. A better understanding of why some conversations may present a struggle for you
2. The key tool to use in every conversation that will set you up for success
3. How to use the 6 step process for difficult conversations

Speakers: Stacey McKibbin

Stacey McKibbin is the CEO of Consilio, a peak performance execution company that believes having a strong Middle Management Suite is the secret sauce of success. From their world-class coaching, training and state-of-the-art AI sales practice portal, Consilio has a proven system that works. Stacey leads her team of zealots by her example of passion and enthusiasm that guides leaders to accelerated success.

Thursday, July 1