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Virtual Summit: The Compliance Issues Everyone Will Be Talking About
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Workforce Management

Virtual Summit: The Compliance Issues Everyone Will Be Talking About

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Compliance is on everyone’s mind, especially as much of the workforce goes remote and so many new laws are emerging at the state and local levels. During this session, our go-to compliance expert will analyze the trending issues and topics that will impact HR and business leaders in the year ahead. We’ll cover everything from wage and hour compliance, meal and rest breaks, privacy laws, biometrics, paid sick leave, NLRB updates, hybrid work environments, and ADA accommodations.

Speaker: Julie Pugh

Julie started her career in Human Resources after graduating from Xavier University. Realizing she had a passion for the law, Julie attended the University of Cincinnati College of Law and started practicing with a focus on labor and employment. After obtaining her law license, Julie spent over 13 years in private practice with  focus on labor and employment – litigating, advising, counseling, training, and partnering with a variety of wonderful clients in the Midwest. In 2020, Julie seized an opportunity to go in house counsel for a public construction company. Julie serves as the Assistant General Counsel for Labor and Employment at TopBuild, a Fortune 1000 company that installs insulation across the country.