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How Paycor Can Take Blackbaud’s Payroll 7 Clients To The Next Level
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How Paycor Can Take Blackbaud’s Payroll 7 Clients To The Next Level

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Blackbaud’s Payroll clients have been asking for a more robust payroll offering and we’re excited to announce a new partnership between Blackbaud and Paycor.

An industry-leading HR and payroll provider with nearly 30 years of experience serving small to medium-sized businesses, Paycor will not only deliver more robust payroll functionality, but also a suite of products and services to help Blackbaud clients better serve their mission.

Join us as Paycor Senior Vice President, Rick Chouteau, showcase why Paycor can be chosen to replace the Payroll 7 module, helping your organization improve operational efficiencies while reducing risk.

In this webinar, we’ll share:

• A comparison between Payroll 7 and Paycor’s Payroll platform

• A review of our complete product offering and the business challenges it solves

• The employee data migration strategy that will simplify the process for Blackbaud clients moving to Paycor

• Integration details between Paycor and Blackbaud’s Financial Edge

• How to engage Paycor to review your individual needs and receive preferential pricing

• How Blackbaud Payroll 7 clients can take advantage of a limited-time offer

Don’t miss your chance to learn why this partnership is essential to better serving your mission.

Speaker: Rick Chouteau

For more than 25 years, Rick has been leading Paycor Sales and Service teams. Rick is known to challenge both clients and internal associates to identify areas of inefficiency and to embrace technology and change in order to deliver a better client and employee experience.