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What’s Next in HR Series: Building a Culture of Collaboration through Performance Management
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What’s Next in HR Series: Building a Culture of Collaboration through Performance Management

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This session is eligible for HRCI and SHRM credit.

Did you know your organization is sending messages to your employees? It’s true. Every system and process sends a message, whether intended or not. Consider the way feedback is handled – employees will know immediately if their voice matters, or if it doesn’t. And, most importantly when it comes to performance, results can either empower or stifle employees and growth. If you’d like to be sure your organization is sending the right messages when it comes to performance management, join us.

We’ll share how to establish a collaborative performance process that will trickle into the ways employees interact on a daily basis, both with each other and with their managers.

During this webinar, attendees will:

  • Identify ways to tie organizational core values into performance management
  • Discover strategies for building collaboration into company culture through the performance system
  • Identify key learning objectives for manager training around performance management
  • Gain tools for implementing a performance system that encourages employee buy-in

Speaker: Catherine Mattice

The founder of Civility Partners, Catherine Mattice , MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is a Strategic HR Consultant who assists organizations in building positive cultures through HR practices. Catherine is a widely recognized thought-leader in HR, and she is passionate about employers’ responsibility to create the opportunity and environment for employees to thrive

Tuesday, July 19