Posted on January 9, 2013

You're In Control: Security Access Levels in Perform

You asked for the ability to control security access levels and we delivered. Perform lets you set access levels for employees depending on what information they should see or tasks they should complete. Perform puts you in control, allowing you to delegate tasks with the peace of mind that employee information is being protected.

For instance, if you grant basic employee access, your employees will be able to log into the application and view their own contact information and compensation history. Employees serving themselves mean you spend less time answering questions. Or you can grant additional access based on an employee’s role in the company. For example, you can give your HR manager access to hire new employees within the application and input and edit employee information.

You can specify access within specific groups of employees (by paygroup, payroll or client ID), giving employees access to some functions but not all. Let’s say you run a restaurant chain with several different franchises. Instead of having one central payroll manager responsible for every franchise, you could give managers at each location access to enter and submit only their franchise’s payroll.

Want to learn more about configuring access for your employees? Click “Get Help” within the Perform application and search “How do I give an employee access to Perform.” Or, check out this helpful job aid.