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US Liner Co., based near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, manufactures fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic for use in refrigerated trailers and shipping containers. With over 180 production employees in three different locations, tracking employee hours and processing payroll was a real challenge. With their former provider, cumbersome processes wasted the HR manager’s valuable time, and data was impossible to access and report on.

Since they switched to Paycor in July of 2011, US Liner has enjoyed the following:

  • A 66% reduction in time spent on HR and payroll
  • Labor cost savings
  • Easy-to-use solutions such as custom reporting that enable decision-making
  • Peace of mind around complex tax and compliance issues
  • Personalized service from a dedicated specialist
  • Streamlined processes & reduced costs

According to Eric Proie, US Liner’s VP of Finance, “Our old system was brutal: not user-friendly and none of it was connected.” Now that time and attendance is integrated with payroll, their processes are simplified and streamlined. “Before we switched to Paycor, we were spending 15 hours a week managing payroll and timekeeping,” explains Eric. “Now we’ve reduced it to 5 hours. This means our HR manager can now focus on the ‘people side’ of her job.” With efficient people processes, US Liner is empowered to be more strategic.

"Our HR manager can now focus on the ‘people side’ of her job." - Eric Proie, VP of Finance

But efficiency isn’t the only benefit Eric likes about Paycor’s system: he also loves the biometric time clocks they implemented. With employees clocking in and out using their handprints, “buddy-punching” (or the practice of friends clocking each other in) has been significantly reduced, decreasing overall labor costs.

Since implementing Paycor’s Time and Attendance solution, Eric and his colleagues have been able to see real-time information on absences and missed punches, allowing them to address issues more quickly. “Using Paycor’s system was the first time we could grasp overtime in a real-time, user-friendly way,” Eric says. “Now it’s data on demand.”

Eric finds Paycor’s Custom Web Reporting especially beneficial, saying, “We can slice and dice the data and do 10 iterations of it in five minutes to get the valuable information we need.” With their previous provider, they had to request reports and wait for them to come back in a non-customizable format. With a user-friendly interface, custom reports take just minutes to create.

As a mid-sized company, US Liner does not have a legal department or a large HR staff to handle tax and compliance issues. As Eric explains, “We rely heavily on outside experts like Paycor to manage compliance and help us with the hundreds of local taxes in Pennsylvania.” He likes that we don’t charge any extra fees for helping US Liner work through compliance challenges.

One of the major pain points about US Liner’s former provider was the lack of personalized customer service. Now, they have a Paycor specialist, their single point of contact for any questions or issues. “I love that she is an integrated touchpoint,” says Eric. “She saves you from having to talk to so many different people. She always responds quickly and solves issues promptly.” Having one person to talk to, instead of being passed through a call center, made a big difference for US Liner.

Companies often resist making a change to a new HR and payroll provider even if they are not satisfied with their current system because they dread the transition process. But as Eric explains, you have nothing to fear: “Implementation from our old provider was smooth. Paycor works very well to ensure everything is done properly.” He appreciated that service specialists were there to help along the way, guaranteeing that the transition went smoothly.

If your organization is experiencing similar challenges, get in touch with us to see how our technology can drive results.