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CPA's Guide to 2017 Compliance Updates

Having trouble keeping up with the latest compliance updates? You’re not alone. Increased...
mileage rate 2012

Mileage Rate Changes for 2017

The IRS has announced that the business standard mileage rate for transportation expenses paid...

2016 FUTA Credit Reductions

The federal unemployment tax, also known as the FUTA tax, pays unemployment compensation to...
[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside the Mind of a Broker

[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside the Mind of a Broker

Paycor loves working with brokers. In order to serve our broker partners more effectively, we...
Social security taxable wage base

How Can You Manage Workplace Political Expressions?

According to an HR Support Center poll, 78% of respondents indicated “No” to the question,...
[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside the Mind of a CPA

[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside the Mind of a CPA

Paycor loves working with CPAs. In order to serve our CPA partners more effectively, we conducted...

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