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Framework for Leadership

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Introducing the COR Leadership Framework

Paycor empowers leaders to develop winning teams. Our product is purpose-built for leaders. And now, our COR Leadership Framework explains how your organization can use best practices and technology to build a culture of accountability and engagement. The first step is to transform managers into leaders.

Leaders Make All the Difference

The COR Leadership Framework is built upon decades of research indicating that the most effective leaders focus on intentionally coaching their employees towards constant improvement, optimize the performance of their employees and team to meet organizational goals and recognize and reward their employees appropriately to retain top talent.

Gallup found that 70% of the variance in team engagement is explained by the quality of managers. Great managers drive productivity, loyalty, customer satisfaction and short- and long-term business success. Bad managers do the opposite.

Paycor’s COR Leadership Framework is your pathway to building a culture of effective leadership in your organization.

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Help employees find the sweet spot between their personal aspirations and the needs of the organization.

How Paycor Helps:


Balance a relentless drive to excellence without burning people out or micromanaging.

How Paycor Helps:


Incentivize employees in a holistic way that makes them feel authentically valued.

How Paycor Helps:

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Get the expert advice and thought leadership you need to help solve your toughest business challenges.

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