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Franchisor Opportunities

Solutions Built for Your Entire Franchise Brand

At Paycor, we want to help drive value and profit into your franchisees while delivering a first-rate, reliable experience that becomes the cornerstone of our partnership. To do that, you don’t need generic, one-size-fits-all software, but rather an HR and Payroll solution built for your specific brand that will meet your unique needs.

Special Pricing for Franchise Owners

Paycor’s 4,000+ franchise customers receive an exclusive discount on our solutions.

Personalized Support

Your questions are answered quickly and accurately by one of our experts via skill-based routed phone, email, or chat.

Integrated Technology

Paycor’s unified platform works with 300+ technology partners including POS, 401(k), and retirement integrations.

Unrivaled Franchise Implementation

To help eliminate frustration, each owner will partner with an implementation specialist and franchise-specific project manager who work from an established franchise playbook.

Paycor As Your Partner

At Paycor, we support all types of industries and franchises, including restaurants, long-term care, retail and more! Our solutions deliver a unified experience that gives you time back in your day to focus on what matters most—your business and your people.

Paycor’s technology helps you:

  • Save time and reduce manual tasks
  • Reduce errors with automatic notifications
  • Empower employees with self-service and mobile apps
  • Streamline with intuitive, user-friendly technology

Product Training & Marketing Support

In addition to our wide array of product training tools and specialized training found in our exclusive customer resource center, The CORner, the brand relationship manager will help ensure franchise owners are confident with Paycor products by providing learning paths and content targeted to items franchisees care about most.

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One Team for Your Brand

At Paycor, our specialized team is committed to supporting your brand. From sales and a dedicated implementation project manager to executive oversight, your owners will receive the HR and payroll expertise they need.

And once your brand is eligible for a brand relationship manager, one of the benefits of this role is to provide brand-level insights and data on the overall health of the franchise client portfolio.

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Ongoing Customer Support

Paycor empowers customers by giving them information and expertise at their fingertips. From an online resource center full of the latest industry insights and HR trends, to our user-friendly training sessions and classes tailored to your product solutions, we’re invested in keeping you in the know.

Key Features

Paycor has been listening to and partnering with corporate franchise leaders for decades, so we know what you need.

Payroll Compliance

Intuitive software simplifies payroll, makes inaccuracies easy to catch and our tax experts help ensure compliance at every turn.

Effortless Onboarding

Engage employees early, automate new-hire tasks, track completions and reduce your overall compliance risk.

Earned Wage Access

Give your employees flexible pay options with OnDemand Pay, making it easy for them to access funds prior to payday.

Paperless Document Signature

Reduce paper and file management across multiple systems and share documents through our cloud-based system.

Want to Learn More?

Paycor’s HR solutions modernize every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.

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E&H Hardware logo

“We’ve reduced our turnover from 65% to 50%. This improvement is, in part, due to the recruiting process and being able to stay connected with candidates more effectively.”

– Liz Bradham, Director of HR, E&H Hardware Group (An Ace Hardware Co-op)

Enhanced Recruiting

Paycor Recruiting enabled E&H to ditch costly platforms, streamline applicant communication, and closely monitor the recruitment process.

HR Efficiency

Automated position and pay rate changes, weekly labor cost tracking, and payroll runs, reduced the time spent on these routine tasks.

We’re Invested in Your Success

Your clients demand more from you than ever before. Together, we can help you meet and exceed those expectations.

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