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Employee Scheduling Software - Allocate Employee Shifts Easily
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Employee Scheduling Software

Never Get Caught Short-Staffed Again

Organize your team, communicate information in real time and improve productivity with employee scheduling software. Speak to a representative, call 855-565-3291.

Efficient + Consistent Scheduling Matters

Manually keeping track of work schedules is time consuming and risky. One small error could impact coverage and hurt productivity. Take control of labor costs, streamline your scheduling process and improve productivity with a tool that simplifies scheduling complexities, optimizes staffing and increases employee engagement.

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Faster Scheduling —

Create reliable schedules you can edit anytime and create templates and assign shifts with only a few clicks.

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Mobile Scheduling —

Use your mobile device to schedule employees from any location and keep your team organized.

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Complete Visibility —

Send real-time notifications and shift reminders via email or from your mobile device.

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Eliminate Missed Shifts —

Optimize coverage by allowing employees to proactively set their availability and easily swap shifts.

Prevent Scheduling Headaches

Paycor Scheduling offers HR leaders the flexibility to customize schedules, improve budget management and communicate critical details to your workforce. Explore our scheduling tool to see how it can impact your organization.

Make Smart Staffing Decisions

In one year alone, managers spend nearly 140 hours manually creating schedules and updating employee schedules. Relying on spreadsheets to organize your team and manage their availability is time consuming and error prone. See how Paycor helps eliminate unexpected absences across your workforce to make your scheduling process more efficient and consistent.

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Advanced Reporting —

Overstaffing or understaffing can create costly mistakes. Simple reporting provides insight into hours and costs.

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Scheduling Rules —

Take control of your scheduling needs by setting daily or weekly rules and creating minimum rest times.

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Engage Employees —

With mobile scheduling, employees can set their own availability, pick up or drop shifts in real time

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Budget Planning —

Monitor schedules by shifts or jobs and establish budget caps to control labor costs and track daily expenses.

Easily Create Work Schedules

A quick and effective scheduling process is key to making the right business decisions, optimizing your staff and increasing efficiencies across your workforce. Paycor’s employee scheduling software enables HR leaders to create, manage and communicate employee schedules while empowering employees to view, manage and receive work schedule updates.

Paycor’s scheduling tool also offers leaders the flexibility to approve staffing changes and align job-based qualifications with the appropriate department or position to maximize budgets and optimize productivity.

Automated Schedule

Automate the Scheduling Process

Take your scheduling out of Excel and leverage intuitive scheduling software that simplifies the entire process.

Flexible Powerful

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Paycor Scheduling helps you ensure accurate coverage by allowing employees to proactively set their availability and communicate updates in real time.

Engage Empower Employees

Control Labor Costs

With budget capping and real-time data, we can help you dramatically reduce your labor costs, forecast expenses and prevent any surprises.

Scheduling Solution Trusted By Users & 3rd Party Evaluators

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“Scheduling took me an entire week before Paycor. Now with Scheduling Pro, it only takes me 30 minutes to schedule my employees for the entire month.”

– Nicole M., Administrator, Mini University

Workforce Management

Budget Planning
Dashboards offer a breakdown of hours worked and expenses by week or month.

Mobile Punching

Mobile App
Employees can easily access schedules and receive notifications on the go.

Scheduling FAQs

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