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A Partner to Drive Business Results

There are plenty of HR tech companies to choose from, but to succeed in today’s complex environment, your clients need more than just technology.

We’re Invested In Your Success

We aren’t here to compete with you. As a partner, we want to give your clients more than just best-in-class technology. We’re invested in finding the right solutions by offering your clients deep industry expertise, and taking the time to understand their specific challenges.

We invest in resources that help you connect with new clients and retain your existing relationships. When you partner with Paycor, you’ll have access to tools and services that align with your business development strategy and will help you grow.

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Streamline Business Operations

We offer clients an HR and Payroll platform that integrates seamlessly with your benefits system and dramatically decreases your clients’ administrative burden.


Be the Hero

Your clients demand more from you than ever. Paycor helps you exceed those expectations. Whether it’s a payroll question or turnover analysis, we’ve got you covered.


Solve Clients’ Problems

Paycor seeks to understand your client’s unique business situation and specific challenges to customize a plan that brings you value and fits their needs.

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A Loyalty Program to Help Drive Success

Inside Track is a loyalty program built to give Paycor partners like you exclusive benefits that will help you achieve your business goals. We’ve listened to what you had to say, and optimized the program to offer perks and advantages that will drive results. Merging technology, insights and resources, Inside Track gives you a strategic framework to continue developing our partnership. 

Together, we can help our clients solve problems, seize opportunities and grow their businesses. As our partnership grows, so do your Inside Track perks. Paycor helps you stand out from the crowd in a number of ways, including:

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Invest —

We’re invested in our partnership so that together, we can win more business.

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Connect —

As a partner, we want to connect you with the tools that benefit your business strategy.

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Retain —

Relationships have never been more important. We can help you retain your existing clients.

Screen showing loyalty benefits for Paycor broker partners on the Paycor iPad dashboard

Loyalty Benefits —

Paycor offers you support and value at every stage of the business cycle.

Paycor’s Partner Loyalty Program

At every step of the way, we’re here to help you invest in your go-to-market strategy, connect with potential opportunities and retain your existing clients by leveraging the perks of our one-of-a-kind loyalty program, Inside Track.

Stand Out From The Crowd

With the right partner, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Your clients need a partner who offers top-notch HCM technology with deep industry expertise and who takes the time to understand their specific challenges. Here’s how Paycor does just that:

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Industry —

Paycor is the first HCM company offering software custom built for specific industries.

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Expertise —

We want to empower our partners and their clients by giving them resources and expertise at their fingertips.

Screen showing the Paycor iPad dashboard and broker loyalty program benefits

Loyalty —

Our one-of-a-kind partner loyalty program, Inside Track, gives you exclusive benefits to help drive success.

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Service —

We deliver responsive support and a unique, personalized implementation experience that separates Paycor from other providers.

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Get the expert advice and thought leadership you need to help your clients solve their toughest business challenges.

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Why Should You Partner with Paycor?

From year-end support, robust reporting tools and even a personal concierge service, Paycor offers you and your clients modern HR and payroll technology coupled with expertise.

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